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Online Therapy

I work online with people from all over the UK. It's a convenient way to have sessions that fit in with your schedule, without the need to travel. You can be cosy in your own space, wearing your pyjamas and drinking a cup of tea if you like! 

In order for you to undertake online sessions you will need a good internet connection - it should be similar to the speed that you would stream TV content on - a device with a web camera and earphones to help maintain privacy.

Walking Therapy

For those who want to get close to nature, I offer walking therapy in parks and woodland local to me.


I offer circular walks in the beautiful woodland of the Ashridge Estate near Berkhamsted and also nearby at Tring Park.

Walking therapy has many benefits, both to the process of counselling and to the general health and wellbeing of individuals who undertake it. It is about creating an outdoor environment which is suitable for therapy and may add to the therapeutic process.


It’s often combined with online sessions for those times when it’s not convenient or possible to walk, making it a truly flexible option.

Friends Walking Home


Initial 15 minute phone consultation: free of charge

Regular 50 minute sessions are offered at £80 per session

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