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My Background

Before I became a therapist I spent 20 years working in business. I started as a fledgling on Tesco’s graduate scheme which was  a full on experience. From there I realised that I loved working with people! So I gravitated towards the HR department, building relationships as I went. I worked in small and large organisations and finally in consultancy.


My Training

Towards the end of my corporate career I could feel the call of psychotherapy. I’d had an amazing experience of counselling when I’d had some difficulties in my personal life during my 30s. I remembered the incredibly powerful feeling of personal growth during my sessions and thought that I’d like to offer that to other people. So I took the plunge and enrolled on a course.



Fast forward a decade and I’m a fully qualified therapist and running my own private practice. I truly love what I do! It can be hard at times but seeing people blossom into who they want to be is incredibly rewarding.

Psychology Patient
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