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My Clients

Smiling Woman

I specialise in working with women who feel overwhelmed by life. Amazing women who give so much to others, to their family, friends, work colleagues and often strangers, but who are exhausted with very little time or energy left for themselves. 


If you're wondering if that's you then the following questions might help: 

  • Do you have a tendency to feel frazzled by life, rushing from one obligation to the next? 

  • Do you hate saying no to people but are tired of saying yes? 

  • Do you feel resentful of the drain on your time (and does that make you feel guilty)? 

  • Does the idea of conflict feel awkward and uncomfortable? 

If you've answered yes to any of those questions, then you're in the right place.


I work to create a space so you can have some space and time to just be yourself, without fear of judgement. You tell me your story, which I listen to and reflect back to you in a way that helps you to understand yourself better. We then look for the patterns in your behaviour that give rise to the problems. We try to find the root cause of those patterns and release some of the pent up feelings that sit behind them. These are the things that help you to feel better, to feel empowered in your own life and confident to get back to where you feel you're in a good place.

Focus Areas

Often life changes so fast that our ability to manage it can’t keep up. Many of my clients find it can be hard to set boundaries in order to get their own needs met, they are exhausted by juggling the many demands life places on them and can be hard on themselves. I help them to see the value that they provide and how to be more compassionate to themselves, not just to others. 

I have worked extensively with people who have experienced the following challenges:



Overwhelm & Stress


Low Self



The therapy journey is an exploration of how you are today and how you want to be. I help people to find the tools to live life on their own terms.

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