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Why knowing and liking yourself is the key to happiness

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

I’ve had a passion for helping women to discover their true selves and live authentically for so long now that I can't even remember when it started! I’ve always loved self help books and personal growth. When I discovered that I could do it for a living I thought I was dreaming! My perfect job 💚

I passionately believe that we deserve more out of life than the daily grind. I see women who are trudging through the shit of everyday life, feeling invisible and thinking that they don’t have the right to be frustrated, fed up, disappointed or a bit down. They often tell me that other people have it so much worse.

Comparative suffering gets a bad rap for a reason, it’s totally unhelpful! Feeling guilty because you’ve got bread on your table when another woman is struggling to feed her family doesn’t mean that what’s going on for you is any less hard for you to deal with. If you’re feeling it, you need to let that feeling out or it will find a way to leak out.

I show women that whilst to do lists and being super organised are definitely useful they aren’t the answer. They aid the business of being busy but they don’t address the root cause of why we’re so tired and disillusioned.

I believe that knowing ourselves, understanding why we behave as we do, uncovering our patterns, addressing them and using the tools of therapy to make changes leaves us truly fulfilled.

If we step out of our shadow and claim all the parts of us, even the ones that we don’t like, that are messy and we’re ashamed of, we can live more fully. When we’re not hiding, not trying to be perfect and when we accept ourselves as we are, life is easier. Not least because we’re not putting time and effort into appearing perfect.

Connecting with the people we love and having deeply satisfying relationships is the gold, and we get there by being fully, wholly and unashamedly ourselves.

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Until next time!

Polly x

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