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Something I feel isn't talked about enough is the strain that the school summer holidays can put on families, particularly mums.

The Double Juggle you could call it:  

  1. the struggle of covering the long holidays

  2. giving the kids the downtime they need

  3. having time as a family and

  4. still needing to go to work as companies don’t match leave with how the school year is planned

At this stage of the summer lots of the practical arrangements may already be taken care of, so why do so many of us have a feeling of dread about 'getting through' the weeks ahead?

If you want to find connection with your kids, spend quality time with them and not feel guilty about needing to work then this workshop is for you!

I'll be using my counselling skills to see how you can set yourself up for success BEFORE the holidays, with tools that work specifically for you. 

Join me for the MUM'S POWER HOUR, a session dedicated to getting your mindset sorted for the school summer holidays.

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The Mum's Power Hour.

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